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Two Ways to Look at it

There are always at least two sides to every story.

In our business this week, we experienced a change.  Now changes can be good or bad…and we always like to search for the positive, don’t we?  So here’s an excerpt from a letter just written to my business partners.  I’m sharing it, because I’d like your comments.  Let’s hear what you think…


….So we’ve grown! As of yesterday we now have access to more than sixty additional stores. What does it mean to you, being able to shop for more from home? Think about it…save gas, save time, shop in comfort…and the list goes on….you design it.

So how does it work…what are the benefits? A recent example…I needed new business cards, so I ordered from my own ‘V…’ portal. I’ve ordered from them before we had direct access so I knew how to ‘get it done’ quickly. Exactly as I’d done it before, with all the pricing benefits, but this time, shopping from my own store, I got reimbursement.  ….And the most important point…I got it within about ten days…before month end. That was a great surprise to me. As you all know, month end is very important.  Oh, and additionally, if you use your MBNA MasterCard, you get reimbursed for that each month too…another no brainer for me.

So someone asked me, ‘why is this happening…what’s happening to these popular stores…will they be more ‘T….s’
Glad you asked. Certainly, some of the well known big stores are fighting for survival…you’ll recognize them. Not just smaller retailers who’d appear to be on their last breaths, but some of the big old standbys are working hard to remain. It’s true…you’ll see how their product mix is changing, and the environment in the physical stores has taken a drastic turn. So the question is…at the end of the game, who will remain?

But…let’s look at another aspect. What if, these sixty stores were not ‘jumping ship’, so to speak…but what if they were on the top of their game, realizing that the marketplace has changed drastically and is not on a downswing, but is just reinventing itself just to keep up with the wave that is spiralling upward at an unprecedented rate. What if these sixty plus are on the cutting edge in a historical new venue in the marketplace? What if…? Think about that. Would you rather be on the sidelines a few years hence saying…I wish I’d known…how did that happen…or, I’m so glad the company I was with had the foresight to change at the right time.

Please…think about this and send me your thoughts. The more I ponder, the more certain I am, we are in the right place at the right time.  …….I had so much fun going into one of my new shopping portals looking for  a washer and dryer!  And to think I could buy it on my smartphone!  Wow!  Think of the possibilities  …we could have a party and all shop ..appliances, flowers, toys, gifts, lingerie, sports equipment, etc.  what fun!



One comment on “Two Ways to Look at it

  1. Great summary and lots of easy shopping! ~the Smalls

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