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To Stress or Not to Stress

To Stress or Not to Stress?
So, some five years ago I wrote a few words with the question, more or less, What would you do if you suddenly lost your spouse or significant other…and their contribution to your family income. It was just to get you thinking, of course, and perhaps revise your own personal and financial planning. After all, it can happen to everyone. It’s such a stressful time, the last thing you need are financial worries.

Life goes on, and you revise your plans to a new normal. Then it happens. Strike 2. Your 49 year old son has a major heart event. Seemingly in the prime of his life, beautiful young family, strong and healthy. No warning, but there it was. And you’re immediately back in that stressful situation, questioning, how can that be…he’s so strong and healthy…what do you mean he can’t drive, etc?

But is this another wake up call? It’s certainly an example to so many young men and women in his age group who are also shocked it could happen.

It could happen to anyone. We’re living in a frightening lifetime where the clock seems to have speeded up. I’ve never seen such a time of hurry scurry living…meetings, children’s school activities…and more after school….parties, sports, fitness, dentist appts, doctors appts, etc…everyone’s squeezing in the next thing of importance. It’s a generation of running…always in catch up mode. There’s no time to relax and enjoy life as we did in our earlier years! We didn’t have to schedule relaxation….and our kids only had one activity each!

And hurry scurry can also mean…fast…fast food! No time for preparation…and who wants to cook anyway! It takes so much time and it disappears in a minute. And besides, no energy to get out those pots and pans…and who’s going to clean them. Could I use The microwave? No food value left if I use that. I’ll just grab a pop tart. Maybe next year I’ll put in a garden…if I have time. And I must remember to eat my vitamins….

These are just a couple of the many thoughts I’ve had while pondering…and conquering the inevitable stress this week. It’s been a traumatic time…but an amazing time too when I see all the wonderful prayers from so many people. It’s very uplifting!

And perhaps it’s a wake up call to slow down and take time to reanalyze where you are…how would you handle a major disruption in your family…in your lifestyle? And even…would your family be able to carry on without you?

I’m probably in a different generation than you, I know I must take responsibility for my own good health…which I’m pretty pleased with so far, praise God….no Meds, just great supplements, lots of good filtered water, and that e-word, exercise… as I go…and yes, thats where I fall down, I confess! And I have my part-time business to cover me if everything else fails. Happy? Of course….and I don’t need any more of these huge stresses! What’s my lesson here?

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The Closing of an Era

So many stores closing!

I walked through our local mall yesterday and had this overwhelming sense of gloom….papered windows, very few people around, one anchor store was in complete disarray. Such a feeling of sadness..Even the parking lot was half empty.

Every day we’re hearing of more retail outlets shutting their doors. It makes sense, of course. With escalating fuel prices, grocery prices going through the roof, services we pay for Inching their way up… Where’s the customer get extra cash for shopping! And if customers don’t have cash, the stores can’t cover their overhead, much less make a profit.

The World’s changing our shopping habits. I’ve seen it coming for awhile…watching the escalating surge of online shopping…more each year…but it’ll never replace the retail stores, I thought….or would it…

A sudden wake up call when my web portal announced our access to 100 big name stores…right from our armchair! If I can shop from Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks, Apple, Macy’s, The Bay, etc all from home, save and make money, why wouldn’t I! Now we see the path, don’t we….our favourite stores closing their doors…are joining a unique web portal available to all of us…less muss, less fuss…yes, they are thinking of us! Convenience…save time, Money and frustration

And then there’s the ultimate…saving time and money by shopping on your smartphone is alive and well today!

What fun it is to be on the cutting edge of this high tech world.

Check us out…register for your own ‘piece of the pie’ web portal…save and make extra cash, experience this awesome home shopping, and enjoy the experience of being on the ground floor of today’s massive change….

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It’s A Special Day

So there it is…another ‘special day’. You’re tired of all the rigmarole…fighting the crowds, being coerced into spending copious amounts just to ‘fit in with the crowd’, to appease. However, there’s that nagging voice, that reminder, of what your significant other’s done for you, how long you’ve been together, what it would mean to suddenly lose your partner. Life’s funny that way…sometimes no warning at all.

And your mind wanders…what if you were all alone…would you be happy? Able to cope? Or tell yourself you’d do better next time. Would you want to redesign your life and do it all over again? Could you put in extra time and effort?

Or, why not get your brownie points now? It’s not too late…

Remember that new Ribbon business you joined? Somewhere in there you saw the words, eGifts. Grab your phone and quickly order your special one something to say you care….

Just because you don’t believe in all the hype out there, there are moments when you must love on someone else. Everyone needs to hear that someone cares.

Access your own Ribbon gift card portal today….
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Graduation…love is waiting
Ribbon..the gifts to say ‘I Care’

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We’re Having A Heatwave…

So, where I live, we are used to enjoying, flowers, trees and green grass at this time of year….in fact, an ideal place of abundant beauty. Our flowering trees in Spring take second place to no one, I’m sure.

Our climate is moderate…not much snow or freezing rain in Winter…seldom are we marooned at home. Summers are mainly sunny, sprinkled with the odd day of showers, and moderate..temperatures in the mid twenties….then there’s now….

We were warned…didn’t pay any attention…that this year would be different. June showed us a new side of her….hot, hot, hot! For days now the temperature has hovered around the 30 degree mark..and its climbing, on a constant uptake to 36 degrees in a few days, they say. You know, the weather people always predict and sometimes their predictions don’t come true. But this last month? They’ve been spot on. Only those with air conditioners are comfortable sleeping at night. By the time you need to get up for work, it’s so comfortable in bed!

Fans. I’ve got five blowing in my house. Five! It’s a breath of fresh air to have those breezes….if they’re set correctly. I learned the hard way that the heat stored in the top of a high ceiling will come down if the wrong chain is pulled on the ceiling fan. But how one is supposed to get up there to pull the other chain, is a feat to yet be discovered.

Decks. Oh I’ve got decks. I am so blessed. I can use one in the morning until 11.00 AM, one until 3.00 PM, and the other, until 4.00 PM. but after 4.00, you could fry your dinner on any of the decks…until about 7.00 PM when it gradually starts to cool down…but ever so gradually. By the time it’s time to retire, it’s beautiful outside once again. And my decks are SO important to me in my lifestyle. So important.

And all this to say…if you’re fortunate enough to have started a business of your own, (and who doesn’t need that this year!), where you can work from anywhere, any time, you can pull out your smartphone, even on your deck!….you’ve got it made! A nice, cool can of XS, smartphone in hand, sitting on that lounge chair…how great is that! Or, invite some friends to that deck…entertaining is easy with XS and Body Works treats. Make the most of these glorious days of Summer, Friends!


for all your options.

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Help! My Life’s in a Mess!

So what’s your life like today? Is it all nine to five, or seven to midnight? Work, work, work? Is there time enough for fun in your week? Are you making headway with your life plan? Are you on track? Or, do you still have unfulfilled dreams and goals?

It’s really becoming nonsensical today to suggest people indulge in dreaming and set goals. The economy is changing so fast, so drastically…it’s a different world! Increasingly, they can’t see their way out…so they just continue to carry on, and on, and on. And get less and less hopeful. And reflect…if only I’d..

Friends, there are options to take back your life, but you have to be willing to open your mind. And look intently on the wheel of your life…what are you spending most of your hours doing…is it all work, or do you have times to play, relax, give your talents to others…are you providing for your family and leaving a legacy for them? How will they remember you?

You’ll find here a link to a business diversification that I have used for many decades. Feel free to go into the website, have a look around, watch the videos. And explore. For almost fifty years it has reliably provided not only extra cash flow, but the benefits of specific business training and unique travel opportunities.

Just when we’re hit by one of the major storms in life…and we all have been, or will be, we can lift our head and ‘run away’ to a fun-filled weekend where we find rest, relaxation, learning…with our closest friends and associates who understand and are there to support us. We share stories, walks, lunches…the best of times, the worst of times…we’re together. Labelled as seminars or conferences, they’re the glue that keeps us together…and our diversion from day to day struggles.  So many benefits to having a business of your own.

So, you are invited to check out my website…watch the short videos, explore the options, and see if there’s something here for you. It’s a tried and true way of life…an opportunity for you to get back in control. It’s a new business concept designed for the digital age..at the top of its field.

Get back to dreaming again  There’s a great conference soon…at world-renowned Harrison Hot Springs…you won’t want to miss this one!

Explore http://www.brandomonline.net today



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More closures

It’s on my heart this morning the disappointment of thousands of young people as our Golden Arches closes outlets across the Country. Lots of workers! Perhaps…no, probably, their first job…giving them extra spending money, or covering the basics…and now, a lesson learned. There is no security in most employment today. It’s not a great idea to be tied to one source of income. And if they learn that right now, it will be a basic principle helping them forever.
Gone is the era of go to school, get good grades, find a good job..forever. The time has passed…there’s a new way to live, survive and have the freedom for your dreams and passions. Check out our website, watch the videos, open your mind and explore other options. If nothing else, the videos will get you thinking. And there’s always room on our team. And know, there is Hope today…there really is!

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Are YOU Ready?


How ready are you?

If your family suddenly suggested you jump in the car and head to Disneyland for a week, leaving tomorrow, are you ready? Can you quickly change appointments? Or are you tied to a job? Do you have enough clean clothes? Do you know where your suitcase is? Your power cords? Earplugs? Bathing suit? Passport? Can you be ready?

And what about that drive? 25 hours straight, they say!! What size car? Is there room for you, your suitcase, cooler and body? Will there be stops? What will I eat? Should I try? Of course!

Of course! I always say I can be ready at the drop of a hat. Well, indeed, I was tested last week as I put this into place. It didn’t take long to pack the suitcase, but the longer you have to think, the more you accumulate to take with you. No books to take up space, but priority was a fully charged ipad and iPhone, cords and battery charger. And then there was arranging a bit more phone and text coverage…not perfect but I’m learning. Next time more Data is critical! 25 hours in a car! And drivers you have to convince to stop at McDonalds!

Always learning, I am…as I plugged in my camera batteries to recharge…and that significant ‘boom’ reminded me….I’d had to use non rechargeables last time! A lesson I won’t forget.

The cooler was packed with XS energy drinks and Bodytrim protein and fibre bars…but, deciding it was too heavy, I removed half. Next time I’d double the amount! Lesson learned! A couple of Perfect Water were thrown in too…and another interesting lesson…as we travelled and had to pick up cases of bottled water, the store bought water bottles were so flimsy they split and leaked all over….not so with my Perfect Water! They’re good for the long term!

As we travelled, as we ran around Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios, in beautiful sunshine…walking 15,000 to 35,000 steps a day!..I learned another huge lesson….the significance of keeping your body fuelled optimally…every single day. I’m a great proponent of Nutrilite nutritional supplements. I’ve visited the farms, the manufacturing plant, researched time and again…these are the supplements I have chosen to sustain me for all of my short life! There are no other runners up!

The most significant lesson here…is to be ready for all the adventures of life…feed your mind…and your body as the prescious vehicle it is…be ready to jump on the train as its passing…don’t have to sit on the sidelines because you’re ill or don’t feel like doing it. Challenge yourself! Was I ready to run around with an 11 year old with limitless…absolutely limitless! Energy, from ride to ride, never missing a beat? No. But I challenged myself…Space Mountain on the first day…I did it. I was happy.

Good choices. So many wonderful memories…all because I was ready!

Keep in shape, friends, be wise in your decisions, free yourself up from your job and other daily curtailments…and don’t miss the treasures of life!
The Mouse

#Nutrilite, #XSenergy, #onlinebusiness

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Trust Yourself

Are you seeing your worth? Are you valuable? To others? To yourself? Are you living up to your worth…your goals…your opinions of yourself? Whose opinion really counts, anyway.

Sometimes we feel ‘down’, depressed, worthless. And what’s up with that! It’s only our opinion, isn’t it? And who’s responsible for that!

So let’s take a moment here and reevaluate ourselves. We all know people who are struggling…struggling really hard…to keep a good attitude…to impress others…sometimes just to survive. There’s certainly outside factors to influence thoughts, fears, and attitudes today.

But turn the situation around…while you’re waiting for the world to fall in on you completely, what are you doing? Are you hiding, or are you reaching out. Today we’re so blessed to have technology to help us…or not. It depends what you do with it. Maybe it’s pouring outside …or snowing…and you’re freezing, aching or just plain feeling insecure. It happens.

So what if you stay inside and out of reach….so what! Well, what if, instead of suffering from ‘plom’ disease, you made the effort to phone just one person? It doesn’t have to be more than a minute call…just enough to touch someone’s life and let them know you care. You never know, that may be the one quick call that can change someone’s day…to lift them up, to make it all worthwhile. And we don’t know how many opportunities like that we may have. No promises!

So let’s take it one step further….you’re discouraged because you’re not making that sales quota this month…a long way from your goals…so you sit alone, dejected. No one understands. So you pick up your tablet or phone…might as well check Twitter and see what the happy people are up to….now you’re feeling worse, but you retweet something anyway. If only they knew! You walked miles this week just trying to sell more….
Oh wait, there’s a great quote…you pass it on.

Might as well say something profound from my own heart while I’m there….

Friends, every day we are communicating in the ‘new world’. It’s a new game, a new situation. Be real, be transparent. You never know…long after we’re gone, someone might say, ‘remember so and so…he/she was so uplifting….always had a unique view of things….it was because of those comments that I…..

I recall the difference it made when a dear friend gave my husband, who was going blind at the time, some motivational tapes just to listen to. How amazing….it changed his outlook, gave him hope, and changed our future. A simple thing…sharing a tape.

Remember, it’s not just those working in the trenches that are succeeding and influencing. We all have gifts and are part of the puzzle. Above all, be real, transparent and honest. Be yourself, appreciate yourself, and every day seek first to understand, seek out the positive, and share the gift of yourself.  You’re creating value that will make a difference!

It’s not the Easy, it’s the Profound!


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There is Always a Way!

Are you losing hope…are you discouraged? Losing energy? Can’t move on? Does it seem like there’s no end to your turmoil…your goals are out of reach?

It might be time to take a break…refresh yourself…do something different…run away for a day or two..take a vacation…let your creative juices flow. Maybe it’s as simple as indulging in a Starbucks, or going to a movie. Whatever it is, give your mind a rest. Stop worrying about it! An answer …or a new path…will come. As for me, I have a supreme Trust that all things will be as they should. I just have to let go.

If you don’t vary your schedule and take a break, you may lose your focus and burn out. You have no idea what could be ahead of you….things that you’d never imagined…that might require every bit of strength, power and persistence that is in you…you might be put to a test of survival…you need to have something to draw on. You must be ready.

There’s a short video that had a huge impact on me. It shows the truth of short and steady wins the race…the epitome of never, ever giving up. …and of having that little extra strength…physical and mental …to get the job done. I warn you, the video may be painful to watch, but it just goes to show how there’s always a way …always a way to reach those goals…always! Persistence!  Endurance!  It pays.

(the video is on YouTube….please check it out.  I think it’ll leave a lasting impression)

…from the heart. I’d love your comments and shares.


February 3, 2015

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It’s All About Team!

It’s called a Team. It’s what we do. A small group of incredible friends doing life together, sharing experiences, goals and dreams. One of the things I look forward to most is getting together over the Christmas season with my Team, loving, laughing, and eating! What fun! Now just what should I do with Superman with the holes in his knees??

So let’s look at this thing called Team. What value is it really? Team means many things to many people. Sports fans know all about it. Competitors play one team against the other, to find the superior…any gamers, really….same principles. Team players in whatever venue realize the significance of ‘together everyone achieves more’. But when you really appreciate having a team, is when life hands you a curveball….your routine is disrupted…a divorce, a sudden death, an accident, loss of home, of family, friends, etc. anything that takes you from comfortable to the terror of the unknown.

You immediately feel out of control! Alone! Very much Alone! How will you get through this!  So ALONE,

Will I get through this? Who can I talk to? Who’s there to hold my hand, to walk me through it?

And the thing is, Life Goes On. For everyone else, Life Goes On. While you’re living your life of terror, Life Goes On. Do you hear comforting words from others? Is your phone ringing off the hook or have all your friends suddenly lost your number?

This is a very real scenario, Friends. It happens every day to someone near you….trying to do life by themselves, to fit in, to reach out. Aw, reaching out. All your friends say, you’ve got to reach out….but they’re still just doing life as it was and is. They don’t yet realize how draining and incapacitating grief or loss, can be.  How it rips your heart out and your stamina, with it.They have yet to experience what you’ve just gone through. It’s called wisdom at its worst, I suppose.

And so…hats off to building a team! To me, this is the ultimate purpose of Team. It’s sustenance…you’re there for each other, through thick and thin…you’re just there. Walking through the shadows, the Team is there for you…and it gives you purpose. It’s all about Relationships. Be it on the telephone or on Facebook, you have your Team to walk the walk with you, not to criticize, but to uplift you. (The critics just don’t understand because they haven’t walked your path…yet!)

May I suggest you find or create your own personal Team today? I’m so fortunate to have started my business team some 39 years ago!  They were such a comfort to me.  Don’t put it off, just do it! I can speak from experience…sometimes your closest friends ‘don’t know what to say’ so they avoid you ‘until you get over it’. But your Team will be there for a common purpose, …they’ll be there to love and accept you, supporting you all the way. TOGETHER each achieves more…in business and in life!  (Please explore my website and enjoy the videos to understand the business team I’m affiliated with, and consider joining my team, and I’d be honoured if you share this post.)


email. Mousemail14@gmail.com