To Stress or Not to Stress

To Stress or Not to Stress? So, some five years ago I wrote a few words with the question, more or less, What would you do if you suddenly lost your spouse or significant other…and their contribution to your family income. It was just to get you thinking, of course, and perhaps revise your own […]

The Closing of an Era

So many stores closing! I walked through our local mall yesterday and had this overwhelming sense of gloom….papered windows, very few people around, one anchor store was in complete disarray. Such a feeling of sadness..Even the parking lot was half empty. Every day we’re hearing of more retail outlets shutting their doors. It makes sense, […]

It’s A Special Day So there it is…another ‘special day’. You’re tired of all the rigmarole…fighting the crowds, being coerced into spending copious amounts just to ‘fit in with the crowd’, to appease. However, there’s that nagging voice, that reminder, of what your significant other’s done for you, how long you’ve been together, what it […]

We’re Having A Heatwave…

So, where I live, we are used to enjoying, flowers, trees and green grass at this time of year….in fact, an ideal place of abundant beauty. Our flowering trees in Spring take second place to no one, I’m sure. Our climate is moderate…not much snow or freezing rain in Winter…seldom are we marooned at home. […]

Help! My Life’s in a Mess!

So what’s your life like today? Is it all nine to five, or seven to midnight? Work, work, work? Is there time enough for fun in your week? Are you making headway with your life plan? Are you on track? Or, do you still have unfulfilled dreams and goals? It’s really becoming nonsensical today to […]

More closures

It’s on my heart this morning the disappointment of thousands of young people as our Golden Arches closes outlets across the Country. Lots of workers! Perhaps…no, probably, their first job…giving them extra spending money, or covering the basics…and now, a lesson learned. There is no security in most employment today. It’s not a great idea […]

Are YOU Ready?

  How ready are you? If your family suddenly suggested you jump in the car and head to Disneyland for a week, leaving tomorrow, are you ready? Can you quickly change appointments? Or are you tied to a job? Do you have enough clean clothes? Do you know where your suitcase is? Your power cords? […]

Trust Yourself

Are you seeing your worth? Are you valuable? To others? To yourself? Are you living up to your worth…your goals…your opinions of yourself? Whose opinion really counts, anyway. Sometimes we feel ‘down’, depressed, worthless. And what’s up with that! It’s only our opinion, isn’t it? And who’s responsible for that! So let’s take a moment […]

There is Always a Way!

Are you losing hope…are you discouraged? Losing energy? Can’t move on? Does it seem like there’s no end to your turmoil…your goals are out of reach? It might be time to take a break…refresh yourself…do something different…run away for a day or two..take a vacation…let your creative juices flow. Maybe it’s as simple as indulging […]

It’s All About Team!

It’s called a Team. It’s what we do. A small group of incredible friends doing life together, sharing experiences, goals and dreams. One of the things I look forward to most is getting together over the Christmas season with my Team, loving, laughing, and eating! What fun! Now just what should I do with Superman […]