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To Stress or Not to Stress

To Stress or Not to Stress?
So, some five years ago I wrote a few words with the question, more or less, What would you do if you suddenly lost your spouse or significant other…and their contribution to your family income. It was just to get you thinking, of course, and perhaps revise your own personal and financial planning. After all, it can happen to everyone. It’s such a stressful time, the last thing you need are financial worries.

Life goes on, and you revise your plans to a new normal. Then it happens. Strike 2. Your 49 year old son has a major heart event. Seemingly in the prime of his life, beautiful young family, strong and healthy. No warning, but there it was. And you’re immediately back in that stressful situation, questioning, how can that be…he’s so strong and healthy…what do you mean he can’t drive, etc?

But is this another wake up call? It’s certainly an example to so many young men and women in his age group who are also shocked it could happen.

It could happen to anyone. We’re living in a frightening lifetime where the clock seems to have speeded up. I’ve never seen such a time of hurry scurry living…meetings, children’s school activities…and more after school….parties, sports, fitness, dentist appts, doctors appts, etc…everyone’s squeezing in the next thing of importance. It’s a generation of running…always in catch up mode. There’s no time to relax and enjoy life as we did in our earlier years! We didn’t have to schedule relaxation….and our kids only had one activity each!

And hurry scurry can also mean…fast…fast food! No time for preparation…and who wants to cook anyway! It takes so much time and it disappears in a minute. And besides, no energy to get out those pots and pans…and who’s going to clean them. Could I use The microwave? No food value left if I use that. I’ll just grab a pop tart. Maybe next year I’ll put in a garden…if I have time. And I must remember to eat my vitamins….

These are just a couple of the many thoughts I’ve had while pondering…and conquering the inevitable stress this week. It’s been a traumatic time…but an amazing time too when I see all the wonderful prayers from so many people. It’s very uplifting!

And perhaps it’s a wake up call to slow down and take time to reanalyze where you are…how would you handle a major disruption in your family…in your lifestyle? And even…would your family be able to carry on without you?

I’m probably in a different generation than you, I know I must take responsibility for my own good health…which I’m pretty pleased with so far, praise God….no Meds, just great supplements, lots of good filtered water, and that e-word, exercise… as I go…and yes, thats where I fall down, I confess! And I have my part-time business to cover me if everything else fails. Happy? Of course….and I don’t need any more of these huge stresses! What’s my lesson here?

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