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The Closing of an Era

So many stores closing!

I walked through our local mall yesterday and had this overwhelming sense of gloom….papered windows, very few people around, one anchor store was in complete disarray. Such a feeling of sadness..Even the parking lot was half empty.

Every day we’re hearing of more retail outlets shutting their doors. It makes sense, of course. With escalating fuel prices, grocery prices going through the roof, services we pay for Inching their way up… Where’s the customer get extra cash for shopping! And if customers don’t have cash, the stores can’t cover their overhead, much less make a profit.

The World’s changing our shopping habits. I’ve seen it coming for awhile…watching the escalating surge of online shopping…more each year…but it’ll never replace the retail stores, I thought….or would it…

A sudden wake up call when my web portal announced our access to 100 big name stores…right from our armchair! If I can shop from Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks, Apple, Macy’s, The Bay, etc all from home, save and make money, why wouldn’t I! Now we see the path, don’t we….our favourite stores closing their doors…are joining a unique web portal available to all of us…less muss, less fuss…yes, they are thinking of us! Convenience…save time, Money and frustration

And then there’s the ultimate…saving time and money by shopping on your smartphone is alive and well today!

What fun it is to be on the cutting edge of this high tech world.

Check us out…register for your own ‘piece of the pie’ web portal…save and make extra cash, experience this awesome home shopping, and enjoy the experience of being on the ground floor of today’s massive change….

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