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It’s A Special Day

So there it is…another ‘special day’. You’re tired of all the rigmarole…fighting the crowds, being coerced into spending copious amounts just to ‘fit in with the crowd’, to appease. However, there’s that nagging voice, that reminder, of what your significant other’s done for you, how long you’ve been together, what it would mean to suddenly lose your partner. Life’s funny that way…sometimes no warning at all.

And your mind wanders…what if you were all alone…would you be happy? Able to cope? Or tell yourself you’d do better next time. Would you want to redesign your life and do it all over again? Could you put in extra time and effort?

Or, why not get your brownie points now? It’s not too late…

Remember that new Ribbon business you joined? Somewhere in there you saw the words, eGifts. Grab your phone and quickly order your special one something to say you care….

Just because you don’t believe in all the hype out there, there are moments when you must love on someone else. Everyone needs to hear that someone cares.

Access your own Ribbon gift card portal today….
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Graduation…love is waiting
Ribbon..the gifts to say ‘I Care’

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