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We’re Having A Heatwave…

So, where I live, we are used to enjoying, flowers, trees and green grass at this time of year….in fact, an ideal place of abundant beauty. Our flowering trees in Spring take second place to no one, I’m sure.

Our climate is moderate…not much snow or freezing rain in Winter…seldom are we marooned at home. Summers are mainly sunny, sprinkled with the odd day of showers, and moderate..temperatures in the mid twenties….then there’s now….

We were warned…didn’t pay any attention…that this year would be different. June showed us a new side of her….hot, hot, hot! For days now the temperature has hovered around the 30 degree mark..and its climbing, on a constant uptake to 36 degrees in a few days, they say. You know, the weather people always predict and sometimes their predictions don’t come true. But this last month? They’ve been spot on. Only those with air conditioners are comfortable sleeping at night. By the time you need to get up for work, it’s so comfortable in bed!

Fans. I’ve got five blowing in my house. Five! It’s a breath of fresh air to have those breezes….if they’re set correctly. I learned the hard way that the heat stored in the top of a high ceiling will come down if the wrong chain is pulled on the ceiling fan. But how one is supposed to get up there to pull the other chain, is a feat to yet be discovered.

Decks. Oh I’ve got decks. I am so blessed. I can use one in the morning until 11.00 AM, one until 3.00 PM, and the other, until 4.00 PM. but after 4.00, you could fry your dinner on any of the decks…until about 7.00 PM when it gradually starts to cool down…but ever so gradually. By the time it’s time to retire, it’s beautiful outside once again. And my decks are SO important to me in my lifestyle. So important.

And all this to say…if you’re fortunate enough to have started a business of your own, (and who doesn’t need that this year!), where you can work from anywhere, any time, you can pull out your smartphone, even on your deck!….you’ve got it made! A nice, cool can of XS, smartphone in hand, sitting on that lounge chair…how great is that! Or, invite some friends to that deck…entertaining is easy with XS and Body Works treats. Make the most of these glorious days of Summer, Friends!


for all your options.

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