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More closures

It’s on my heart this morning the disappointment of thousands of young people as our Golden Arches closes outlets across the Country. Lots of workers! Perhaps…no, probably, their first job…giving them extra spending money, or covering the basics…and now, a lesson learned. There is no security in most employment today. It’s not a great idea to be tied to one source of income. And if they learn that right now, it will be a basic principle helping them forever.
Gone is the era of go to school, get good grades, find a good job..forever. The time has passed…there’s a new way to live, survive and have the freedom for your dreams and passions. Check out our website, watch the videos, open your mind and explore other options. If nothing else, the videos will get you thinking. And there’s always room on our team. And know, there is Hope today…there really is!

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