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Are YOU Ready?


How ready are you?

If your family suddenly suggested you jump in the car and head to Disneyland for a week, leaving tomorrow, are you ready? Can you quickly change appointments? Or are you tied to a job? Do you have enough clean clothes? Do you know where your suitcase is? Your power cords? Earplugs? Bathing suit? Passport? Can you be ready?

And what about that drive? 25 hours straight, they say!! What size car? Is there room for you, your suitcase, cooler and body? Will there be stops? What will I eat? Should I try? Of course!

Of course! I always say I can be ready at the drop of a hat. Well, indeed, I was tested last week as I put this into place. It didn’t take long to pack the suitcase, but the longer you have to think, the more you accumulate to take with you. No books to take up space, but priority was a fully charged ipad and iPhone, cords and battery charger. And then there was arranging a bit more phone and text coverage…not perfect but I’m learning. Next time more Data is critical! 25 hours in a car! And drivers you have to convince to stop at McDonalds!

Always learning, I am…as I plugged in my camera batteries to recharge…and that significant ‘boom’ reminded me….I’d had to use non rechargeables last time! A lesson I won’t forget.

The cooler was packed with XS energy drinks and Bodytrim protein and fibre bars…but, deciding it was too heavy, I removed half. Next time I’d double the amount! Lesson learned! A couple of Perfect Water were thrown in too…and another interesting lesson…as we travelled and had to pick up cases of bottled water, the store bought water bottles were so flimsy they split and leaked all over….not so with my Perfect Water! They’re good for the long term!

As we travelled, as we ran around Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios, in beautiful sunshine…walking 15,000 to 35,000 steps a day!..I learned another huge lesson….the significance of keeping your body fuelled optimally…every single day. I’m a great proponent of Nutrilite nutritional supplements. I’ve visited the farms, the manufacturing plant, researched time and again…these are the supplements I have chosen to sustain me for all of my short life! There are no other runners up!

The most significant lesson here…is to be ready for all the adventures of life…feed your mind…and your body as the prescious vehicle it is…be ready to jump on the train as its passing…don’t have to sit on the sidelines because you’re ill or don’t feel like doing it. Challenge yourself! Was I ready to run around with an 11 year old with limitless…absolutely limitless! Energy, from ride to ride, never missing a beat? No. But I challenged myself…Space Mountain on the first day…I did it. I was happy.

Good choices. So many wonderful memories…all because I was ready!

Keep in shape, friends, be wise in your decisions, free yourself up from your job and other daily curtailments…and don’t miss the treasures of life!
The Mouse

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