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Trust Yourself

Are you seeing your worth? Are you valuable? To others? To yourself? Are you living up to your worth…your goals…your opinions of yourself? Whose opinion really counts, anyway.

Sometimes we feel ‘down’, depressed, worthless. And what’s up with that! It’s only our opinion, isn’t it? And who’s responsible for that!

So let’s take a moment here and reevaluate ourselves. We all know people who are struggling…struggling really hard…to keep a good attitude…to impress others…sometimes just to survive. There’s certainly outside factors to influence thoughts, fears, and attitudes today.

But turn the situation around…while you’re waiting for the world to fall in on you completely, what are you doing? Are you hiding, or are you reaching out. Today we’re so blessed to have technology to help us…or not. It depends what you do with it. Maybe it’s pouring outside …or snowing…and you’re freezing, aching or just plain feeling insecure. It happens.

So what if you stay inside and out of reach….so what! Well, what if, instead of suffering from ‘plom’ disease, you made the effort to phone just one person? It doesn’t have to be more than a minute call…just enough to touch someone’s life and let them know you care. You never know, that may be the one quick call that can change someone’s day…to lift them up, to make it all worthwhile. And we don’t know how many opportunities like that we may have. No promises!

So let’s take it one step further….you’re discouraged because you’re not making that sales quota this month…a long way from your goals…so you sit alone, dejected. No one understands. So you pick up your tablet or phone…might as well check Twitter and see what the happy people are up to….now you’re feeling worse, but you retweet something anyway. If only they knew! You walked miles this week just trying to sell more….
Oh wait, there’s a great quote…you pass it on.

Might as well say something profound from my own heart while I’m there….

Friends, every day we are communicating in the ‘new world’. It’s a new game, a new situation. Be real, be transparent. You never know…long after we’re gone, someone might say, ‘remember so and so…he/she was so uplifting….always had a unique view of things….it was because of those comments that I…..

I recall the difference it made when a dear friend gave my husband, who was going blind at the time, some motivational tapes just to listen to. How amazing….it changed his outlook, gave him hope, and changed our future. A simple thing…sharing a tape.

Remember, it’s not just those working in the trenches that are succeeding and influencing. We all have gifts and are part of the puzzle. Above all, be real, transparent and honest. Be yourself, appreciate yourself, and every day seek first to understand, seek out the positive, and share the gift of yourself.  You’re creating value that will make a difference!

It’s not the Easy, it’s the Profound!


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