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There is Always a Way!

Are you losing hope…are you discouraged? Losing energy? Can’t move on? Does it seem like there’s no end to your turmoil…your goals are out of reach?

It might be time to take a break…refresh yourself…do something different…run away for a day or two..take a vacation…let your creative juices flow. Maybe it’s as simple as indulging in a Starbucks, or going to a movie. Whatever it is, give your mind a rest. Stop worrying about it! An answer …or a new path…will come. As for me, I have a supreme Trust that all things will be as they should. I just have to let go.

If you don’t vary your schedule and take a break, you may lose your focus and burn out. You have no idea what could be ahead of you….things that you’d never imagined…that might require every bit of strength, power and persistence that is in you…you might be put to a test of survival…you need to have something to draw on. You must be ready.

There’s a short video that had a huge impact on me. It shows the truth of short and steady wins the race…the epitome of never, ever giving up. …and of having that little extra strength…physical and mental …to get the job done. I warn you, the video may be painful to watch, but it just goes to show how there’s always a way …always a way to reach those goals…always! Persistence!  Endurance!  It pays.

(the video is on YouTube….please check it out.  I think it’ll leave a lasting impression)

…from the heart. I’d love your comments and shares.


February 3, 2015

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