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It’s All About Team!

It’s called a Team. It’s what we do. A small group of incredible friends doing life together, sharing experiences, goals and dreams. One of the things I look forward to most is getting together over the Christmas season with my Team, loving, laughing, and eating! What fun! Now just what should I do with Superman with the holes in his knees??

So let’s look at this thing called Team. What value is it really? Team means many things to many people. Sports fans know all about it. Competitors play one team against the other, to find the superior…any gamers, really….same principles. Team players in whatever venue realize the significance of ‘together everyone achieves more’. But when you really appreciate having a team, is when life hands you a curveball….your routine is disrupted…a divorce, a sudden death, an accident, loss of home, of family, friends, etc. anything that takes you from comfortable to the terror of the unknown.

You immediately feel out of control! Alone! Very much Alone! How will you get through this!  So ALONE,

Will I get through this? Who can I talk to? Who’s there to hold my hand, to walk me through it?

And the thing is, Life Goes On. For everyone else, Life Goes On. While you’re living your life of terror, Life Goes On. Do you hear comforting words from others? Is your phone ringing off the hook or have all your friends suddenly lost your number?

This is a very real scenario, Friends. It happens every day to someone near you….trying to do life by themselves, to fit in, to reach out. Aw, reaching out. All your friends say, you’ve got to reach out….but they’re still just doing life as it was and is. They don’t yet realize how draining and incapacitating grief or loss, can be.  How it rips your heart out and your stamina, with it.They have yet to experience what you’ve just gone through. It’s called wisdom at its worst, I suppose.

And so…hats off to building a team! To me, this is the ultimate purpose of Team. It’s sustenance…you’re there for each other, through thick and thin…you’re just there. Walking through the shadows, the Team is there for you…and it gives you purpose. It’s all about Relationships. Be it on the telephone or on Facebook, you have your Team to walk the walk with you, not to criticize, but to uplift you. (The critics just don’t understand because they haven’t walked your path…yet!)

May I suggest you find or create your own personal Team today? I’m so fortunate to have started my business team some 39 years ago!  They were such a comfort to me.  Don’t put it off, just do it! I can speak from experience…sometimes your closest friends ‘don’t know what to say’ so they avoid you ‘until you get over it’. But your Team will be there for a common purpose, …they’ll be there to love and accept you, supporting you all the way. TOGETHER each achieves more…in business and in life!  (Please explore my website and enjoy the videos to understand the business team I’m affiliated with, and consider joining my team, and I’d be honoured if you share this post.)


email. Mousemail14@gmail.com



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