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You Eat How Many?

All those Vitamins?

Over the years, I’ve been asked what vitamins I take. My honest answer? What my body needs and expects to keep me healthy and, hopefully, protected against many of the little…or not so little…bugs out there.

I started out, like a few of my friends, swallowing, with turned up nose and cries of rebellion, a tablespoon of the worst tasting tonic my parents could find, I’m sure…neochemical food. Just the name scares me today! Then, as I reached school age, I was able to relinquish the tonic for one little cod liver oil capsule…..that was it. And, incidentally, that’s what I gave my kids too. It seems to be all they needed.

But today….today things have changed…..changed drastically. First of all, the soil….no longer does it have the nutrients in it that were there many eons ago….lack of supply. And now, everything… From our drinking water, to the air we breathe, is polluted. I’ll leave it to you to research this. Our environment is severely challenged. The food we eat …the raw ingredients, severely adulterated …an uphill battle to find clean ingredients.

So that’s a huge challenge.  And how do we combat all this? What path should we take? Should we try to protect ourselves…or just wait until we get sick, listen to the medical profession as they test and try to analyze what’s wrong with us…to the tune, perhaps, of thousands of dollars in prescription medicines?

Well, that’s the dilemna, isn’t it! And that is why, I’m such an advocate in encouraging people to investigate, research and take precautions as they see fit.

So, myself, I believe in precaution. From a very early age, I have been fortunate to have access to filtered water. Open my cupboard and you’ll see my water filtration system. I’d hate to be without it. I do my best to drink eight glasses a day, but must admit I fall short many days.

As for my vitamin routine, I start off with, in my opinion, the very best multivitamin available. Is this all I need? Well, for some it might be. But my body expects more. And so I invest in myself more…I’m a firm believer in Calcium Magnesium and Glucosamine. I see so many folk crippled up. Then, with a history of vision challenges in my family, and the number of my friends needing eye surgery, I add a vision capsule to my regimen. I add extra antioxidants  of Vitamin C and E…another layer of protection. In Winter months, I eat one Ecchinacea tablet/day, two weeks on, one week off. I’m even fortunate enough to have an Ecchinacea breath spray to carry with me.

So, this sounds like I need a dinner plate just for my vitamins, doesn’t it! But not really…not even a handful.

And then I try to protect my heart. I take a heart health tablet, and add extra tablets sporadically…garlic, co Q 10, etc. but wait! There’s two more absolutely vital to me.

Most important, my Stress B. I must elaborate on the Stress B. I have clients that can’t live without this. I’m sure it’s the best available. Just recently I spoke with two businessmen who rely on Stress B to make it through the day…and they each eat about five/day. (If you take too many you’ll experience a niacin flush…your face will go red.). I remember, too, when I managed to cope as my daughter walked down the aisle…and I was eating Stress Bs to keep me from crying! And another memory, my husband took four or five on his trek into Court at times he was called as a witness. So Stress Bs are vitally important in my life.

And my little cod liver oil capsule? Well, it’s morphed into a bigger fish oil capsule…must get my omegas!

So the question …do I take a lot of nutrition? Yes! Do I regret it? Not on your life! I’m so glad I did the research early (and you should too…just start basic, with a great multi)  so I could take care of my health. No meds for me…..and that’s a mighty saving each month, I hear. It’s destroying life as it should be, for many friends, especially those on fixed incomes….but that’s another story…

(all my nutrition comes from http://www.brandomonline.net)


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