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It’s All about Engagement…

It’s all about Engagement

Everyone’s running around …trying to do their last minute purchases, fitting in social activities, writing cards, wrapping gifts…you know the routine. It’s a hurry scurry time of year. And in the midst of it all, you wonder. What have I forgotten? Am I ready for the big day? And you know, this could just as easily be the scenario for a wedding prep, as for the celebration of Christmas, or whatever your Reason is.

I wonder, do you even know why you’re running out of control?

And my concern is, what…or who…have you forgotten? It’s so easy to get caught up in routine…any day, really. But what have you done for the less fortunate…the ones who can’t get out…and worse, see no one day in, day out. Have you taken the time to make a quick phone call…or even better, to visit? Sometimes we become very selfish in our desire to get things done…we forget the disabled, the lonely….those just feeling ‘left out’.

Yes, technology has made a difference…at least some of these folk are on social media. That IS a way of communicating. But even that dwindles at this time of year. And what about those absolutely necessary hugs…eight hugs a day is what you need just to stay healthy. Are YOU getting enough? Are THEY?

And why does the phone never ring…does anyone care? It’s a sad state of affairs when we can say we’ve run ourselves off our feet shopping, and can’t say how many people we’ve visited, or how many friends we have coffeed with, who we have met for dinner, or who we have phoned just to say we care.

Remember, you might be the only one who cares…the only one that person engages with. Oh, the difference you could make in someone’s life.

So I, encourage you right now…get out of your comfort zone and reach out…engage with someone…or several someones…who just might be shrivelling up and leading a lonely life all by themselves. Show them you care…and include them as you can. Make that important engagement time. You’ll feel so good. Touch someone’s life…light their candle …and not just at Christmas, but every day.  Give them something to think about…to appreciate when they’re most vulnerable.

Wishing you all Peace, Joy and Love this Christmas…and may you truly know and focus on, the Reason for the Season!



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