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Why WouId I Do That?


I feel another rant coming on

Someone asked, why are you doing that? Learning html! How can you!

And I say, “why not!” Because I can! It’ll give my kids something to laugh about…or Not. And, my 11 year old grandson is learning it after all, why shouldn’t I?

Will I use it? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least I’ll have stretched and refreshed my brain…and remembered just what programming is all about. Oh yes, and now I have an increased appreciation for programmers and why they’re so expensive! And, perhaps I’ll be able to make my own changes to my website at times, not having to bother someone else every time something doesn’t work….or Not! Do I love html?  No!   But… I have the tendency to make the simplest thing complicated.  I can make a small change to my website and mess it up forever!  Reason enough.

I guess there ARE positives. Besides, it keeps me out of the malls at Christmas! Not that I don’t love the music, lights, window displays. But if I just want to quickly buy a battery, I don’t want to stand in line! What’s with this frantic rushing around at a time we should be pacing ourselves and reflecting on the Reason for the Season?

I must admit, time got away from me this year…pushed myself just a little too much…accomplished lots, of course, but at what price! So now I have to compress things on my list and get stuff done quickly. Stressful? It can be! But I work from a list…a new list every day, and I’ll get it done!

This is where I truly see the value of having a business of my own…I have control of my time, I can shop when it’s not raining, when the crowds are least, when everyone else is working overtime just to pay the bills. At a time when online shopping is the norm, I can shop from my own store…by laptop or smartphone, I make the choice! It’s so freeing! If I’m inspired during the day…I suddenly decide ‘what to get’ for someone, I can just pull over or find a corner, pull out my iPhone and place an order. Done! It’s all about Freedom. And Passion.

I’m passionate about having my own business, and love to have others join my team. You can check it out at http://www.brandomonline.net  ….investigate what is there for you. In light of what’s happening in the oil industry right now, it might be wise to add another source of funds to your household. New team members join through the Shopping Portal onsite.

And so..perhaps I’ll do one more lesson on html…and then, conditioned to stress, I’ll pay the bills..on my smartphone, which is soon to be upgraded too!   Upgraded…me and my smartphone!


December 12, 2014

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