They Just Don’t Understand…


They just don’t understand…

It’s frustrating when those you love and associate with, don’t ‘get’ what you’re saying…what you believe in, what you’re so passionate about. They haven’t experienced your history, of course, and wisdom comes with a price. But WHY won’t they listen?

I know. Everyone has their own little control centre that guides them to make decisions affecting their own life. It’s true. I do too. We have to take the good with the bad throughout our time….and perhaps there’s a little fear in there too. But I seek out those valuable mentor ships of someone who’s walked my path before. If I encounter someone who’s operated a business like mine, or worked where I have, with years of tenure, I’m ‘all ears’! Experience like that you can’t put a price on!

What I can’t understand is those with deaf ears…who’ve decided it’s all up to them, and they know all they need to know. They’re not into exploring new options, of accessing materials to grow personally and professionally….they’ll just stay where they’re at…until!

It’s shocking what’s happening right now….businesses closing, stores closing, layoffs, terminations….none expected, but increasing numbers every day! I’ll bet you know several who are facing desperation this year heading into the Christmas Season. At the same time, there are a smaller percentage of folk looking at their dire circumstances as opportunities…opportunities to redirect their lives, to change up and start something new…and yes, some with regrets they hadn’t taken this step sooner. You know, dig the well before you need the water!

So, My invitation to you is to reflect on your own circumstances right now…take some time to analyze your own position…are you vulnerable? Could you be exploring new options too? There are some pertinent videos attached to my website that may peak your interest, and get you started.  Check them out!

As for me, I’ve had my own business for some 45 years…with access to the best in personal growth tools and training, access to the best lifestyle, and access to some of the best products in the World!  I’d love you to join me, but you decide.

I’m looking forward to your comments.


2 comments on “They Just Don’t Understand…

  1. “Living on a treadmill”….can there be a better description of current lifestyle?


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