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Living on a Treadmill

Living on a treadmill, not by choice?
What’s with life today, anyway! Where’s our Hope, Faith and Optimism? Is it hidden, stolen or just on the back burner?

Are you feeling that ‘sinking feeling’ …that you’re drowning under your circumstances? Are you under the mire of the ‘out of controls?’ Are you trying to be creative every day, wearing out your brain…wondering, will it be an electric car, a bike, a horse…to offset high gas prices? All those will cost you, and you may be disenchanted with the amount of your trade in. Of course there’s the option of driving less, or, even, of carpooling and, perhaps, selling one vehicle, saving upkeep and the huge cost of insurance.

Or could you relocate closer to your work and your everyday needs? Moving isn’t always the answer…I think I’m not too far wrong in estimating the cost of a move in the early thousands of dollars and much more when you factor in real estate commission. It also takes a tole on your mental stability and peace of mind when you’re already in a stressful situation. Is it worth it?

And then, of course, there’s food…the manna of life. Have you noticed prices have been edging up for awhile? You can no longer take a family out for dinner at a manageable amount…..even for burgers! And yet…the restaurants are busy…especially on a Friday. Perhaps that is a ‘treat’ at the end of a hard work week. Maybe, just to take the stress off.

Another solution, of course, is to bring the Moms home from work…and give them some free time to be creative….you know, to fill in their time by preparing wonderful baked goods and yummy meals for their family. Maybe not every woman’s dream, but maybe the cost of her going to work is rivalling savings by her reduced costs in the kitchen. Not my cup of tea, but I must admit there’s savings to be made were I to direct my attention more to cooking. I might have to change my focus on turning my kitchen into an office!

And that’s my final thought….if the home, not just the kitchen, could be turned into a refuge of savings…and in addition, another source of income…what would it mean to the average, struggling family? If they could bring in a little extra cash…if they could save by buying smartly…shopping at a discount, shopping from home, having goods and services at the tip of their mouse…do you see what I’m saying? This is a new generation. You have everything at your fingertips right now. There is Hope! You have to have Faith…believe in things unseen…there’s always an answer! And be willing to try something different…..and, be Optimistic!

Most homes have computers today. And the majority are using smartphones. Do you know, 70% smartphone users are doing their shopping from their phones? It’s a new generation…a new culture.

You are invited to check out brandomonline.net…more posts, a couple of videos. A shopping portal. If nothing else, I hope you’ll take some time to analyse your own situation and delve into solutions you probably haven’t explored before. It’s Time! ¬†Remember, Hope, Faith and Optimism!

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