Ageing, the New Buzzword

Ageing…that’s the topic, not very enamouring, I must admit. I was captivated by the advice given by the administrator of several care homes, when she stated, ‘if you’re saving for your retirement, stop saving! Take some of that money and enjoy yourself now! Don’t wait! You don’t know how long you’ll live, how your health will be, and your kids dont need your money!’

Wow. That got my attention!

I’ve always lived believing in what’s to come..a dreamer, of sorts. The next vacation. The next camping trip. The next birthday. The next Christmas. Life was always full of Nexts.

When I suddenly and unexpectedly became a single, all my dreaming stopped. It became hard to look a few days ahead..to know I had to look after myself, and be by myself, no trips to plan, no one to travel with….oh, so lonely!  I’m not unique!

Then, another revelation from our speaker, ..you must prepare yourselves, one spouse of the normal couple will have to go into a care situation…you’re not taking all your possessions…start downsizing now. Consider getting ready to move out of your lifetime house into something smaller that doesn’t need you to cut the grass…. get rid of your china and crystal…the kids don’t want it! and you can’t sell it! Donate it.someone needs dishes to eat off of. And start using all those good things you have stashed away, now, yes, the China and crystal, but also those linen tablecloths and beautiful lingerie! Get them out and use them! Take your prescious things and take pictures of them then give them away. Clean out your garage…give away all those tools and full line of camping stuff! Wow!

‘Live simply, so that others can simply live’, Ghandi

And more…Organize all your paperwork…go through those file boxes and filing cabinets. Make new streamlined files with your important papers. Make sure you have current up to date wills and power of attorneys. Have a list of bank account nos, mortgage details, insurance details, a list of your current assets and liabilities…all the nos. and who to contact. And tell one of your kids where this file is. Make sure they know where the safety deposit key is. Check your car’s registration…can a surviving spouse drive it?

And this…this is just a start. These are only the few suggestions my over worked brain retained. But they’re the ones that stuck with me in the middle of the night so I could share. I can concur with all the speaker shared…I know, I’ve been there! Start taking action today, Friends.

2 comments on “Ageing, the New Buzzword

  1. Loved your words here Marj. Good wisdom for us all !


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