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Decision Time

As I am approaching decision time on a new phone…I know it will be an IPhone, but which size, the 6 or 6 plus…I am slowly realizing perhaps the decision is made already.

An article in Business Insider this morning alluded to the fact that Apple had finally caught up by offering larger models of phones. However, what they didn’t share in so many Words, was that the marketplace has taken a huge shift. Today’s under-40s would feel lost without their phone, in use, constantly! They’d feel lost, cut-off, helpless!

And, the most important aspect is that people everywhere are not just connecting with their community online, but they’re doing their shopping on their phone…anytime, anywhere! This is a now society…get ‘er done, now! And that includes shopping. My numbers may be wrong, but I believe I heard 70 percent of people are purchasing from their devices.

So, back to the IPhone. In that my old IPhone 4 is needing to retire, and it’s a small screen and is hard to read, and the fact that I’m a business marketer, teaching others in various coffee shops, etc., at this point I think it will be the 6 plus for me. After all, I doubt if I get the 6 Plus that I’ll ever regret not getting the 6, but if I don’t get the Plus I might regret it.

So perhaps that part of the equation is decided. But, alas, there’s another….I know what capacity I need…but what colour should I get? Help!  I’d love to hear your comments!

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