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Switch it up!

Switch it up!

We all get bogged down by routine.  From breakfast until bedtime, it’s a sea of constants.  We all get into the habits of dailyness.

This week I’m changing one little thing in my routine.  Over the years I’ve spent time in designing my own nutrition routine…alas, it’s turned out to be eating a handful of carefully selected tablets with breakfast, enjoying an energy drink mid-day, and swallowing a magnesium tablet at bedtime.  Every day the same.  It’s called Routine!  And it’s kept me healthy all these years.

Then recently I discovered something new….well, new to me…and yesterday I decided to Switch it up and try it.  Prepackaged vitamins for morning and night…what a concept!  With breakfast I ate a little package of multivitamin and supporting ones..half as many as usual.  I definitely was concerned, though, as I had to travel out of town for appointments.  How would I manage!  But although I was equipped with my regular energy drink in the car, I did not have to embibe!  I was fine…perfectly alert.

In the afternoon I sat down to work on a course I’m taking….I am concerned again…will I fall asleep?  Can I concentrate?  Wow!  Still alert, and it’s dinnertime.  I open the little package and eat the ‘nighttime’ vitamins.

I am invited to a movie…’oh dear,’  I think, ‘I’ll never make it!’ It’s My usual habit to snooze during movies…but alas, I enjoyed every minute, was up later than usual, and slept like a dream. Wow!

Day 2 and I’ll do it again!

I see the value in ‘Switching it up’…in changing from your daily routine, creating new habits occasionally.  Just making one little change boosts your energy and gives you a new outlook.

I have always been one to appreciate change…I used to get the biggest delight in moving my furniture around…so exciting to sit in a ‘new’ room!

So I encourage you, today, friends, to seek out one thing you do as a habit or routine and Switch it up..hopefully benefitting from the joy of something new.

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