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Brandom Online 21 minutes ago · Edited · Are you still using email? I just wondered about that today. It seems email has become the avenue of choice for marketing whatever you might be selling. Open up that Gmail and what do you see – a lineup of ‘grab this now’, ‘we miss you, come back’, and the odd joke thrown in. In my case, email seems to have gone the way of the letter. Do you still get these? Only bills, right? Or flyers. And the odd invitation to an open house. And then there’s the telephone – well, it seems to have joined the other two in sitting on the shelf. But your cell? Wow! Now that’s talking! If you want to communicate with anyone – yes, almost anyone that has a cell phone – the most prudent way to get their attention is to text. Can you learn to text? Of course you can! If I can learn it, anyone can. But seriously, this is a Mobile Generation. You’re going to see people on cellphones everywhere. Where do they shop? Online! On their smartphones. The trend of today – shopping online! So if you’re up for a new cell, nows the time to make sure you have a smartphone in your pocket. Lots of exciting stuff coming – let’s get prepared! brandomonline.com


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