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A new beginning…

Today marks a new beginning…. For You and For Me!

For Me, it’s a different path on a road I never wanted to be travelling on.  You can never predict what life will hand you, but in accepting and growing through the unexpected, you can be a blessing to others…..or a hindrance…you choose.  When your World turns upside down, and you’re devastated by the sudden loss of your ‘better half’ ..losing your spouse, your home, your business partner, your job…you wonder, where do I go from here!

Then, as I continued down my path, my eyes kept opening to new blessings.  My family, walking through their own grief, surrounded me with their strength….like a giant hug!  Friends engulfed us with their support.  And Business Partners…I’ve never experienced such compassion.  That’s what sets my business apart…the caring!

And I learned so many lessons.  I learned the value of phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, cards, letters…most of all, hugs.  I learned to keep going…if someone’s grieving, don’t stay away and assume they’re okay…don’t think, their family will take care of them.  I learned to show continual compassion and concern.  You don’t know what they’re going through.  Keep in contact.

My biggest challenge was the wave of loneliness that would wash over me with no warning.  As Mother Teresa said, ‘loneliness is the greatest poverty’.  I’ve learned to be grateful for the smallest of things…time, interest, or $$.  I’ve learned not to expect anything of others..to accept disappointments and realize I’m not their priority.  I’ve learned to be happy for others..for their achievements, for their ability to travel, for their successes…When they get to do all I used to do.  I learned not to whine if I’m left out or forgotten.  My time will come.

I learned to get out with people every day.  Not only good for my business contacts, but to keep my mind sane.  I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have my business.  It’s my sanity.  I love adding others to my team!  And I love being able to share an opportunity to others to be connected…to create their own importance..and to embellish their lifestyle.

Aw, lifestyle!  What would it mean to you to design your own life so you could work when you want, for as long as you want, to travel where you want, and with whom, to eat out in fancy restaurants…or not, your choice….to be able to bless others with your time or money…what would it mean?

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